Catalog Maintenance System - Manual process

Catalog Maintenance System 

Catalog Maintenance System - CMS, is a set of batch process and dynamic services that updates catalog, category and product relationships.

The service can be executed by various methods.

  1. Manual invocation
  2. Scheduled service
  3. Automatic invocation after project deployments

In this post, we can see how to manually invoke the CMS process. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login into dyn/admin of the server (http://<IP>:<port>/dyn/admin/)
  2. Goto Commerce adminstration page -> Basic Catalog Maintenance1.                                             http://<IP>:<port>/dyn/admin/atg/commerce/admin/en/maintenance/startService.jhtml?process=BasicMaintProcess
  3. Click on Start Process 
  4. The process should end without any errors  
  5. Execute Baseline Index


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