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WSO2 ESB - Disable Endpoint Suspension

Endpoints An endpoint in simple terms is a URL (destination) that can be used by any WSO2 service which needs to send a message to that particular destination / API. 
The endpoints can be configured for both external services and also internal, peer services running inside the same ESB instance or the host system. 
One of the important configurations that is often overlooked are the endpoints error handling.  As any network oriented application, messages can get lost due to various tcp errors, connection timeouts, etc., Therefore for a successful and controlled behavior, endpoint error handling is very important. 
The default behavior of endpoints in WSO2 is, if messages in those endpoint are failed, the endpoint will be marked as "suspended" and thereby causing failure of the subsequent messages. 
This is more important if multiple internal services are consumed as part of an exposed Proxy service or API. To handle the different errors and timeouts from the internal servic…